Girvan Group’s commitment to equality and diversity in the workplace involves a positive approach to Indigenous participation, whereby we seek to promote cultural recognition, employment opportunities, education and training for Indigenous people and their communities.

By engaging positively with Indigenous communities, we will build awareness and understanding within our workforce of the Indigenous culture and challenges in the regions we work. This approach aims to facilitate viable employment, career development and business opportunities in an environment that is supportive and inclusive for Indigenous people.

By having an open approach to the indigenous cultural concerns of the region, we will foster strong, rewarding and respectful relationships with Indigenous people and their communities, will be a step in the right direction to increase indigenous participation on projects benefiting the all stakeholders.

You can download a copy of our “Indigenous Participation Policy” here:

Our Strategy

Our Indigenous Participation strategy sets out to deliver meaningful cultural recognition, awareness, employment, education and training opportunities for Indigenous people and their communities, so that together we can work towards reconciliation and share in the success of our business.

By working together with Indigenous people Girvan Group actively contribute to the reconciliation process of our Indigenous communities in Australia. Information set out in Girvan Group’s “Indigenous Participation Plan” provides a guide for our staff so they appreciate the steps we embrace as a business to achieve our set goals in relationships, respect and opportunities for Indigenous people and their communities.