Location: Level 4, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane

Client: Dexus Capital Works Group 

The Solution

Level 4, Waterfront Place Brisbane integrates state of the art technology and agile working into a whole floor that’s designed to emulate the city’s neighbourhood and high-street.

Brisbane’s city flare is harmoniously combined with the tranquillity of the Brisbane River in Level 4’s design. The corridors and entry spaces to each suite mirror the high end of Brisbane’s Eagle Street.

Suite four to seven take in the Brisbane CBD. These generous spaces, with room to expand, vie with the theme and design of the inner city. Such as bespoke breakout spaces and lounges you would see in an urban apartment.

Level 4’s collaborative approach and sense of community will make coming to work more vibrant and active, allowing prospective tenants to explore new levels of innovation while making a positive difference in their working life.

Completion Date

Week Turnaround

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