Work Health & Safety

Girvan Group is committed to providing a healthy, safe and productive workplace for all employees, visitors and contractors. Girvan Group endeavours to manage the risks and hazards that may affect the health and safety of personnel in the workplace, by providing safe systems of work.

Subsequent to this, we require all employees to regard accident prevention and working safely as an individual and collective responsibility.

You can download a copy of our “Work Health & Safety Policy” here:

Health and Safety


Girvan Group is committed to achieving and pursuing best practice in terms of utilising and managing its resources, to reduce environmental impacts and promote quality of life.

We are committed to integrating the principles of sustainable development into our operations and projects to improve sustainable practices and leave a positive legacy.

Girvan Group complies with the statutory and regulatory requirements, codes of practice and guidelines relevant to the jurisdictions where business is undertaken.

In our day to day operations, Girvan Group is committed to reducing pollution, emissions and waste, consuming resources responsibly, offsetting part of our emissions and integrating sustainability into our everyday work.

You can download a copy of our “Environmental & Waste Policy” here:



Girvan Group is committed to securing and maintaining the confidence of its clients and customers by providing quality resources and services to be able to meet client and customer requirements and expectations to the best possible extent.

Over our 15 plus years of existence, Girvan Group have established a set of procedures to ensure projects are delivered efficiently, taking into consideration all requirements of the client and their project. We tailor a version of our project control systems approach to each and every individual project, customising to the specific needs and unique requirements of the project. Our systems are both rigid yet flexible and complement our principles of ensuring a fully transparent and auditable trail of information that provides a framework for our teams and partners to work within or interconnect to.

You can download a copy of our “Quality Assurance Policy” here:

Quality and Project Control

Our Accreditations

Girvan Group has been certified in the following:

Occupational Health & Safety Management System


Quality Management System

ISO 9001 : 2015 SAI GLOBAL

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 : 2015 SAI GLOBAL